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Current Issue (April): VOl:4, Issue:4, 2023 

1. Multi-Criteria decision-making at uncertainty (MCDM)-genesis, review and its scope in agriculture with real time problem. G Tejaswini Reddy et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;1-17)

3. Evaluation of Lucilia Sericata live Maggot in reducing oxidative stress in wound healing of diabetic rat. Sanku Borkataki et al., 

(SCI- 4(4) 2023;30-43)

5. Pulsed-Wave doppler derived indices in chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Dogs. Malsawmsangi et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;51-57)

7. Effect of edible coatings and packaging materials on quality of mango. Kharwarde et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;72-86)

9. Cry toxin expression in different plant parts of Bt Cotton at different phenological stages. (SCI- 4(4) 2023;94-107)

11. Influence of pre harvest spray of different growth regulators on fruit quality of mango cv Langra. Pandey et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;113-118)

13. Characterization and Association Studies for Growth and Physiological Parameters at Different Phenophases of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

B. Krishna Veni et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;129-141)

15. Role of planting methods and weed management strategies. Prasanna et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;142-145)

17. Effect of different organic manures and varieties on growth yield and quality parameter of sprouting broccoli. Mukesh Kumar et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;164-168).

19. Selection of suitable Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes for High Altitude Regions of Andhra Pradesh. Kumar et al., 

(SCI- 4(4) 2023;178-185)

21. Role of conservation agriculture in sustainable agriculture. Parasa Madhu Sri. (SCI- 4(4) 2023;192-198). 

23. Correlation and path analysis studies in maintainer and restorer lines of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). Kulkarni et al.,(SCI- 4(4) 2023;209-221) 

25. Magnitude of heritability and variability in different genotypes of Tomato under sub-tropical condition in India. Srivastav et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;231-237) 

27. Fish Waste- a fertilizer doe organic agriculture. Nongmaithem Leindah Devi et al., 

et al.,(SCI- 4(4) 2023;245-252). 

29. Evaluation of fish waste compost as a fertilizer. Nongmaithem Leindah Devi et al. (SCI- 4(4) 2023;273-278). 

31. Survey of the farmers’ fields for studying the infestation caused by mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.) in Bundelkhand region.

Mishra et al. (SCI- 4(4) 2023;285-290). 

33. Captive maturation of striped murrel, Channa striata broodstock during pre-monsoon through habitat manipulation. Dushyant Damle1 et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;299-307). 


2. Physiological and Biochemical Changes during drought stress. 

Tamilselvi et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;18-29)

4. Studies on effect of different cutting and varieties on yield and quality parameter of spinach beet (Beta vulgaris var. Bengalensis). Kumar et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;44-50)

6. An Analytical Approach to the Trend Variation of Wind Flow in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. S. B. Bhardwaj.  (SCI- 4(4) 2023;58-71)

8. Genetic variability and correlation analysis in F7 generation of Pumpkin. Ban et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;87-93)

10. Studies on variability of local chironji  genotypes growing in nandurbar district of MH. Sanap et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;108-112)

12. Evaluation of Mungbean Genotypes for Shattering ResistanceS. S. Yedake et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;119-128)

14. Endophytes: role and applications in sustainable agriculture. Verma et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;142-161)

16. Comparative efficacy of some indigenous plant materials as toxicant against pulse beetle, (Callosobruchus chinensis L.). Neog et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;146-163)

18. Marker-based characterization for rust resistance in garden pea [ var. L.] Hirdesh Yadav

(SCI- 4(4) 2023;169-177)

20. Alterations in heamato-biochemical parameters in diabetic dogs. Dilip Meena et. al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;186-191) 

22. Molecular TILLING and Eco-TILLING: A review of effective tools for mutant gene detection and mutant profiling in plants genomics.Kumari et al.,(SCI- 4(4) 2023;199-208) 

24. Antioxidant profile of raw milk of indigenous cattle and buffalo breed of Rajasthan, India. Mathur et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;222-230) 

26. Effect of drip, fertigation and plastic mulching on growth and yield of cauliflower. Deka et al.,(SCI- 4(4) 2023;238-244). 

28. Varietal differences for morpho-physiological traits in rice at early vegetative stage. Rouf Ahmad Parray et al., et al.,(SCI- 4(4) 2023;253-272). 

30. A review on seaweed extracts. 

Nongmaithem Leindah Devi et al. (SCI- 4(4) 2023;279-284). 

32. Studies on the Induced toxicological effect of deltamethrin on histopathological changes in Pangasius hypothalamus. Reddy et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;291-298). 

34. New leaf spot disease caused by Paraconiothyrium variabile on Vanda orchid in India. Bag et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;308-315). 

36. Molecular Characterization of streptomyces species: an effective bio control agents of stem rot disease in groundnut. Sailaja Rani J et al., (SCI- 4(4) 2023;332-339). 

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